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An Online Communications Platform for Professionals


Take Your Client Relationships To A Whole New Level

Online Professionals, have you looked at online services and been underwhelmed? Most offer features that sound good but in practice they fall short. After years of working in the industry, the founders of BetterAdvice knew there had to be a better way. They set out to create a platform that could deliver for any online business professional, whether you are a therapist, a coach or an advisor. BetterAdvice is an amalgamation of every platform that came before it, combined with current tech tools and the vision we want to offer online professionals, delivering better features, communications technology, and Mobility (Android & iOS).., all work together seamlessly.

From the beginning, you create your own online persona and identity. We give you the tools to do it quickly and efficiently. You decide which tools will benefit you and your clients. And our pricing models are competitive while still delivering better tools and processes.

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An Online Therapy and Counseling Platform
that delivers your identity

Build a “unique” professional online presence that defines you

Easily integrate to your
website or blog

List yourself on

Monetize Your Communication

BetterAdvice enables you to get paid for people to communicate with you,
privately and securely.


Provide On-demand or by Appointment services

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Communication Methods

You can monetize all these different types of communication methods

Phone Advice

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive User, Advisor & Group
  • Effortless Integration into Existing Website
  • Custom Dynamic Availability Status Buttons
  • Integrated Internet & 800# Phone System
  • Promotions Creation & Measurement Tools
  • Advisor Weekly Scheduling Wizard (Phone and Chat)
  • Advisor Auto-Call Appointment Calendar Tool

  • Automated User Callback Request System
  • Full Accounting System with Auto-Payout Option
  • Pro-Active ChargeBack Minimizer System
  • ‘Double-blind’ Internal Email System
  • ‘Double-blind’ Private & Secure Phone System
  • ‘Double-blind’ Private & Secure Phone System
  • ‘Double-blind’ Private & Secure Chat Service

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